The Chair

Are You Afraid of The Chair?

Dear Wife,

You know what I mean. IT sits there in the corner of your living room in the prime spot facing the tv. That chair has been there so long you forget where it came from. In the evenings and at weekends there is a presence lurking in it resembling that man you met and married so long ago. Does the presence take over the choice of tv channel? Does it send you out to the kitchen for refreshments?

Are you now aware that time is moving on? old armchairSoon the presence will be retiring. Or worse you may be aware that his company is undergoing ‘reorganisation’. This is usually a euphemism for ‘how many people can we get rid of?’ In fact the entire company may rapidly be heading for obsolescence as times and technology move on rapidly.

Either way you feel increasingly concerned that ‘the presence’ will be there morning ‘til night encroaching on your own day and messing up your own plans.

Far worse still is the knowledge that your family income will drop like a stone. Yes in the beginning there may be lump sum payments that cushion the blow. But that won’t last long. The years stretch ahead away from regular employment with dwindling income to spend on necessities let alone luxuries such as holidays.