So What Floats Your Boat?

What is it that really gets you excited?

What gets you leaping out of bed in the mornings?

What news do you constantly seek out to hear or to share?

I know it may have been quite some time, even decades, since you found anything to really get excited about. Life tends to wear us down and routine takes over control of our days.

But think back to earlier in your life. Was there a dream you wanted to realize? Maybe a certain house you would love to live in, or exotic holiday destinations you wanted to visit? Maybe it was a certain car you would love to own?


Now is the time to brush the dust off of those dreams OR to dare to have a new dream. After all life has moved on, times have changed, your family have grown, technology has opened up new possibilities, and we are now in the 21st century.

DARE To Dream Again.


I can share with you my dream. It all began back in the early 70’s when I  left school. I had my first job in a freezer food shop (before Iceland was known). That lasted all of 3 weeks…..

After being unemployed for a few weeks the job centre sent me for an interview. (Yes back then the job centres actually helped you get a job). This interview was at a boat yard in a town called Topsham. It lies on the river Exe in the county of Devon, England at the point upstream from the coast where the tide still floats or strands boats. The boat yard had a boat building and repair side and an engineering side. I was most interested in the engineering side.


Rowing Boat £400 – eBay

I was taken on as an apprentice and thought I had found my dream job already in life. We repaired outboard motors and serviced and repaired smaller inboard engines in fishing boats and pleasure craft. I was just about to be sent to East Anglia on a six month training course with Volvo Penta when the economy collapsed.

(We had a socialist government in power at the time with James Callahan as the Prime Minister. Like all socialist governments they come to power by promising a la-la land utopian dream for everyone. But they then proceed to destroy the very economy they need to be strong to pay for their fantasies. The country was brought to the edge of bankruptcy and the PM had to go cap-in-hand to the IMF and plead for a bail out loan. (Does this sound like a Greek Tragedy to you being repeated throughout time?).

mitchell-22ft-4995To qualify for the loan the PM had to bump up taxes. VAT went up to 25%!!! (If I remember right it was normally at 15% at that time).

This tax hike seriously curbed the economy!!! Imagine paying £800 for an outboard motor and being asked for another £200 just for tax!  Or paying the labour change for service or repairs and being asked for another 25% on top just for tax!  The pleasure industries were just about wiped out…..) end of political rant!

BUT it did give me a dream to hold on to. I wanted my own boat. Not just a small day cruiser or sail boat but a sizable power boat with serious cabins and lounge area. One that would go to sea ok but also could navigate the canals.

Princess-32 £10,000

Princess-32 £10,000


Here we are in 2017 and I am now finding that I can seriously resurrect my dream. Given the new income over the last 2 years and now a realistic expectation of ongoing and growing income I can make a few plans. The sort of boat I would love to have would be 6 figures new. (Even pre-owned ones are still going in that range. I have a picture of my ultimate dream boat at the bottom of the page. It is 26 years old now but still luxury. I can also feel happy about making some adaptions to it so my disabled nephew could come on holiday). But I have found a ‘starter’ boat for sale for £20,000. (I would still have a survey done as you do need to look the gift horse in the mouth when it comes to boats). So at this figure my dream shows possibility of coming to pass in the near future. I have been listing alongside here images of boats from the cheapest row boat up towards more expensive power boats. As you can see there is quite a choice of pre-owned models.

Aquador-26 £35,000

Aquador-26 £35,000

That’s the thing with motivations. An item does not have to be new to begin with. But get a quality used version to begin with as evidence that your business is beginning to work and bringing in the income. Then set a goal to move up the scale as resources permit.

Also I have separated my  dream into 2 parts. The starter boat I mentioned above will handle the canals extremely well with it’s 1m (3ft) draft. And my grown up children could use it themselves for family holidays (as long as they tell me where they leave it!!). My real dream boat at the bottom of the page can take me any where I wanted to go. (I actually fancy spending winter in the Canary Islands instead of here in Northern Scotland for some weather related reason :)). It is also large enough and luxurious enough to be full-time live aboard if I choose to.

Aquastar-33-Ocean-Ranger £56,000

Aquastar-33-Ocean-Ranger £56,000

The Aquastar range really attracts my attention as it meets my needs. They have semi-displacement hulls which helps give them excellent sea-handling in choppy conditions (such as around the coast here in north Scotland). The interiors are well fitted out with sizable berths. They cruise about 15 knots so cover the sea miles well. But the draft and the beam are such that they fit down the canals well. A good compromise which could handle inland and short ocean crossings – say across the North Sea or English Channel. But not really live-aboard.

The Nordhaven I have used as a header image are wonderful boats designed for distance cruising. In fact they will travel across the world if you want them to. They are also big enough and luxurious enough that many people have chosen to retire and live full time on them. I have seen one advertised pre-owned of course for £250,000. But that is by far the cheapest one I have come across for sale. Normally they are in brokerages from £850,000 upwards to the millions. (New ones are in the million range at a guess as they do not quote prices due to the extensive customization you can have at new).

But I don’t feel that motivations are a matter of just having money to spend. It is all about choice. At this stage my choice for using a boat is to travel along the coast and pop into rivers and canals so a Nordhavn would be well over the top to meet that goal.

Set Your Own Goals For Your Own Reasons

YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!!!! You are not alone. You can follow step-by-step instructions as you have done hundreds of times already.

My ‘Dream Boat’  (Only!! Euro 300,000 inc tax) Sounds over the top??? See my blog post on Emails- Your Friend
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P.S. I follow a number of YouTube channels of people out there sailing their dreams. Some are my age (50+) some are fully retired and some are only in their 20’s or 30’s sometimes with young children aboard. Here is a list of 40 reasons given by Kim on one of the channels:
Why not see how long your list will be for the dream you want to have? If your desires are strong enough life will provide you the way.