Second Career for Senior Citizens

Many seniors today are coming out of retirement with an energy and excitement for the next stage and possible second career of their lives. For many, it’s an exciting time knowing they have the skills and the methods for developing their own businesses that will help them supplement the gross inadequacy of retirement savings or pensions.

But for many seniors, retirement is a time of disappointment and regret. They are disappointed because they didn’t plan better for their retirement years and regret that they have to get at least a part-time job to make ends meet.

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Embarking on a second career for seniors isn’t as daunting as it may seem. Now, with the powers of the Internet at their backs, seniors can learn new skills and build an Internet business they can use to supplement incomes and keep their minds sharp.

How About You?

Have you arrived at a good time in your lives? Are you facing retirement or forced redundancy with joy in your hearts as you plan to embark on all those plans you have saved for your retirement?

Do you know for certain that you will have enough money coming in for the next 30 years or so to not only meet your basic needs but give you a fun quality of life? If you have any concerns about this then you are on the right website. If you are new to looking at working on the Internet then it can be a daunting place. You suddenly find you are receiving dozens or even hundreds of emails promising you the moon (or at least an instant way to succeed). You will find temptations everywhere to subscribe to this training program or that one, buy this magic software or this done-for-you solution.

You will not be offered any magic solutions here. But I will show you the path that leads to online success. This has been followed by all successful online entrepreneurs.

Benefits of Coming Out of Retirement as an Entrepreneur

As a senior, you are realizing that what you have saved for retirement years just isn’t going to be enough to support yourself and your spouse. Your income may not even provide you with necessities – much less the luxuries you would like to enjoy.

Sure a golden handshake and mantelpiece clock or else an early redundancy pay cheque (check) looks great at the time. But in just a few short weeks reality sets in. As you get your pension figures through and the numbers are too small you stop smiling and your dreams about all the wonderful things you were planning to do on your retirement evaporate before your eyes.

That’s why so many seniors are building online businesses well before the retirement party. One of the benefits of building a part-time business in your spare time before you retire is that you’ll already have an income and it can increase as your business grows.

Plus – having a second career to pursue after retirement keeps your mind sharp and you won’t ever get bored if you’re committed to your business pursuits. But this time you can set your own hours and only answer to yourself as the boss.

Motivation & Goal Setting

All those wonderful plans you made for your retirement – where are they now?

Are you about to embark on them one by one or is the money just not going to be there to do them?

No Worries!!

Firstly write down in black and white what your plans are. Even better get pictures that illustrate your goals. The header of this page shows a serious offshore cruiser (a Nordhavn) and a set of golf clubs. Just what pictures would sum up your desires?

For myself I will need to work up to a Nordhavn – they are one serious piece of kit. But I have a chart showing the progression from a rowing boat to a dingy, to a small cabin cruiser, to a bigger cabin cruiser all the way up to the Nordhavn. As my income from my online business grows I tick off each level of a boat that I could afford to get.

So make your own motivation chart.

Now to make this happen you need to learn the secrets of the trade – building your own website, getting visitors to that website and getting them to buy from your website either directly or indirectly. ALL THESE SKILLS YOU CAN LEARN FROM JUST ONE SOURCE. PLUS HAVE YOUR WEBSITES HOSTED FOR YOU. PLUS HAVE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOURSELF SUPPORTING EACH OTHER.

YOU CAN DO THIS TOO!!!!! You are not alone. You can follow step-by-step instructions as you have done hundreds of times already.


I am recommending WA as I am here myself. (My username is RJScot so please say hi when you arrive). Through the training and support here I have finally made money online and this year (2016) my online income has passed $22,000 and looks to keep growing. I do not promise the millions you see from the ‘gurus’ but the money in my own bank is real and available for me to do what I like with. Isn’t that what you want for yourself   – freedom to choose how you spend your money?

So join with me and others and let us share our success together.

[On the right there is a list of articles which you may find helpful. Occasionally I come across a tool that really helps me to develop my business. Writing content in the right style is very easy when using a template. This is where the UCS set of templates is invaluable to me. Also these days videos are a great way to share content either on YouTube, Vimeo and on your own blog posts. I personally don’t have much skill in making videos but this new product is fantastic in what it can do and how simple it can do it. See the blog post about ‘Video-Your Secret Weapon.]